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Want to join Clan Wolfenstein?
Find out what requirements are needed and how to apply in this trainee-video.
Download here (4971Kb mpeg).

CWS Video CD Volume II
Bald ist es soweit ;-)

die Video CD kommt wohl so Ende des Sommers... wir warten die LAN in Köln noch ab.
Hier ein paar Trailer, um Euch die Wartezeit (die sicherlich hart ist) zu überbrücken ;-)

Trailer 1 (by Hueba)
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Trailer 2 (Aimbot-Trailer by Hipnotic)
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Trailer 3 (by Hipnotic)
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Flatline Köln-Pesch

Location Köln, Germany (Intersaal)
Participants Hipnotic, Hueba, Woeba, Quaker
Excact Date Aug. 3rd-5th 2001

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ISDN/Fast Modem (56kbit/s RealVideo)
Dual ISDN (80kbit/s RealVideo)
ISDN/Fast Modem quality (30163KB RealVideo)
Dual ISDN quality (71280KB RealVideo)
Pictures of this event also available under

Easterlan 2001 - Eisern
LocationEisern, Germany (Vereinshaus)
ParticipantsHipnotic (part-time), Hueba, moeffju, Woeba
Excact DateApril 6th-8th 2001

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mirror (fileplanet)
Pictures of this event also available under

CWS Members @ CeBit 2001, Hannover
LocationCeBit 2001 Hannover and Autobahn A30/A2
HostDeutsche Messe AG
Participants Andre, Sven, Timo, Woeba and "Projektmanager" Olli.
Excact DateMarch 23rd 2001
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Clan Wolfenstein Thinkpad-MiniLAN- October 2000

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Clan Wolfenstein DOOM Revival Weekend - June 1999
I've encoded the video from our last real DOOM Weekend (June 99) as realvideo file. Don't take this video too seriously ;)

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34kbit/s (ISDN) Medium quality 66546Kb (HTTP)
450kbit/s (ADSL) mirror (fileplanet)
If you need better quality please contact me.

Clan Wolfenstein DOOM Weekend - August 1995
YES, and finally here it is. The Video from our DOOM Weekend in August 1995. It was veeeeeeery warm at the time.

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34kbit/s (ISDN) Medium quality 39576Kb (HTTP)
450kbit/s (ADSL) mirror (fileplanet)

Inoffical DOOM Audio CD 'Remember Your Fears'
Since there are many new DOOM-Ports with CD-Audio support ( or available for free, Huebabbel has decided to record some of the best songs from DOOM and DOOM II (and of course good ol´ Wolfenstein) and put them on one Audio-CD. Here's a list of all songs available on the CD. For more info, ordering and RealAudio Examples visit the official DMSTART Website.

  1  DOOM I - E1M1 (At Doom's Gate) 00:01:35 
  2  DOOM I - E1M7 (Demons On The Prey) 00:02:27 
  3  DOOM I - E2M1 00:02:28 
  4  DOOM I - E2M3 00:02:28 
  5  DOOM I - E2M6 (Sinister) 00:02:54 
  6  DOOM I - E2M7 00:01:44 
  7  DOOM I - E2M9 00:01:34 
  8  DOOM I - E3M2 (Donna To The Rescue) 00:01:55 
  9  DOOM I - E3M3 00:01:59 
 10  DOOM I - E3M8 00:01:34 
 11  DOOM II - D_RUNNIN (Running From Evil) 00:03:52 
 12  DOOM II - D_DOOM (DOOM) 00:04:18 
 13  DOOM II - D_STALKS (The Healer Stalks) 00:04:56 
 14  DOOM II - D_SHAWN (Shawn's Got The Shotgun)  00:04:04 
 15  DOOM II - D_IN_CIT (Into Sandy's City) 00:04:38
 16  DOOM II - D_DEAD (The Demon's Dead) 00:04:12 
 17  Wolf3D - Wondering About My Loved Ones  00:01:09 
 18  Wolf3D - Get Them Before They Get You 00:01:17 
 19  Wolf3D - Funkie Colonel Bill 00:01:59 
 20  Spear Of Destiny - The Tower 00:01:29 
 21  BestOfDM.WAD - Level 1 (The Sentinel) 00:02:25 
 22  Clan Wolfenstein Theme 00:01:13 
 23  Bonustrack: 430bars (Something Different) 00:04:54 
   total time  01:01:28 

That´s the cover - DOOM-CD Cover (small) - click to enlarge it !

Pictures (These links open in a new window)

Available Picturesets
2nd Daydream Aachen
December 1999
Location: Aachen
GmbH LAN 2k Bonn
June 2000
Location: Bonn
1. Easter LAN Weekend
April 2001
Location: Siegen-Eisern
Flatline Köln
August 2001
Location: Intersaal, Köln-Pesch
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Clan Wolfenstein Skin v0.0.2
This archive includes the Quake-skin for Clan Wolfenstein Members.
Added a new weapon - it looks a bit more antique now :)
The ZIP file includes:
  • a MDL-File for Quake,
  • a PCX file in standard skin-format,
  • and a demo Picture, which shows how it looks in 3D.
Download the Official Clan Wolfenstein Quake Skinpack now (, 139Kb)

Navy Seals Patch - Sound Update
Hey, here it is: the update you've all been waiting for ! As you might have noticed most of the sounds in the great NavySeal-Patch for Quake are somehow distorted. We've fixed this with most of the sounds (Sorry, but the quality of the original sounds is sooooo bad, that we wasn't successful with all sounds - sorry for that, but blame the author, not us !). Simply unzip the the file (160Kb) in your /Navyseal/Sound/Weapons directory.
Download the CW Navyseals Soundpatch now (, 161Kb)