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New MiniLANs (09-24-2011 by Hipnotic) New MiniLANs have been planned for this fall at - you guessed it - Hueba's place, as usual. The clan needs to get its offspring involved as future FPS playas ;-) All clan members contact Hueba for timings and number of offspring attending!
Still around (05-14-2010 by Hipnotic) Yes, we are still around! Although the Clan gatherings have been limited to MiniLANs at Hueba's place, we are still playing!
In other news we have moved the site's content from Tripod (Lycos) to a new, advertisement-free home. This means there shouldn't be any more ads, popups etc. on this site. *phew*
Members, mergers & a possible LAN (07-13-2005 by Hipnotic) Regarding some posts in our guestbook, I'm sorry to say that we are currently NOT accepting any new members nor are we planning to merge with any other clan.
The recent release of OpenCoop 4.0 and its stability have ignited an irresistible urge within some clan-members towards a Doom Revival-Weekend. Any members that are interested (and this better be ALL of you! ;-) please contact Hueba through the mailing-list.
Adjusted members' page (01-23-2004 by Hipnotic) We took the system specs off of the members' page because, well, whew, we haven't had those babies since 1801! Honestly! ;-). We also had to remove the ICQs and email addresses, because we were getting way too much spam :-/.
Intro is finally up (06-24-2002 by Hipnotic) Sorry for taking so damn long, but we were never quite satisfied with the results when converting it to Flash, Quicktime etc. The AVI-videos usually rocked ;-) but the conversion messed it all up. RealPlayer always seemed unfit for an intro, but showed the best results, so we finally decided to stick with that.
New video in the download section (02-14-2002 by Hipnotic) The video from the Flatline Köln-Pesch is finally up! With approximately 43 minutes it's quite long and so we decided to release it in 56kbit/s and 80kbit/s RealVideo quality. And because these babies already weigh in at 30MB and 70MB, we'll probably leave it at that ;-)
Guestbook has been fixed (01-15-2002 by Hipnotic) Nocturne has finally gotten around to fix the guestbook! Just in time, too. My eyes were starting to hurt from that awful tripod-picture in the background. Oh and by the way: The computers listed on the "members"-page are not up to date ;-). I will try to update that shortly (right after the CWS-VCD #2 comes out and the intro has been made ;))).
Our video-server is back up! (11-29-2001 by Hipnotic) Hueba has spent half of the day recovering data and installing the new OS and now it's back up and running. So go ahead and download & watch all of those Clan Wolfenstein movies! (no eye-drops included)
Site has been redesigned (11-28-2001 by Hipnotic) Well, it was about time, GODDAMNIT! ;-). Just added the huge list of links to the download-section when our video-server crashed :-(. Hueba's trying to recover what he can and get it up and running ASAP (good man!;-).